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Krazy's About Krazy's Family Page
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I was born in Japan on June 13, 1972...My mother is Japanese and my father is a mixture of German and American...I have one older brother, named Chris, who is 5 years older than I...I have 2 beautiful daughters, Lissa and Jessica (see below)...I am currently living in Olympia, Washington with my boyfriend, Bill...I am a homemaker...

Bill The Cat

My husband...Bill, also known as Joe Camel (and Jester), is a Truck Driver...Bill was born in February 1969...Bill has 3 sisters: Sandy, Tiffanie, and Holly...Bill's favorite things are: e-bay, motorcycles, "Nightmare Before Christmas", American Choppers, West Coast Choppers/Monster Garage, Monster House, and "Scrubs"...Bill is a very handy person...

Sonic The HedgeHog

Lissa, who was born in October 1988, is my oldest daughter...Lissa is currently in the 9th Grade...Lissa's favorite things are: Lion King (which she LOVES to collect!) , Spotty Dotty (who is just like a Japanese version of Dalmations), most (I am waiting to find that one movie she doesn't like! LOL) Disney movies, making web pages, playing on her computer/internet, and chatting with her friends...

Happy Face

Jessica, who was born in April 1994, is my youngest daughter...Jessica's favorite things are: Minnie Mouse, Barbie, Bratz, playing on her computer/internet, playing Gamecube, and watching T.V.
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