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I am trying to get the information for the blank spots from my family members...but, they are not always home and things get a little, please be patient...Thank you...
Krazy's Bill's Other Family Members Page
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Bill Sr. And Janay

Bill Sr. works as a mechanic...Bill Sr. favorites: MOSTLY his Disney Figurines (Bill Sr. collects them) and his grandchildren (Lissa, Chelsie, and Jessica) .

Janay works with computers (that is all I know)...Janay's favorites are: building dollhouses.


Sandy chooses not to be mention.

Tiffanie And Chelsie

Tiffanie is 30 years old and the 3rd child of the group...Tiffanie has one daughter (Chelsie, see below)...Tiffanie is married (Brian W, see About Friends)...Tiffanie's favorites are: going to the movies and hanging out with friends and chatting on the computer.

Chelsie is 11 years old
(GOODNESS!!! Chelsie has grown!!! I remember when she was born!)...Chelsie is currently in 6th grade...Chelsie's favorites are: Disney movies, horseback riding, reading at school, doing her journals, and going outside to play with her friends.


Holly is 20 years old and the youngest daughter...Holly's favorites are: Singing, music (she LOVES it), movies, drawing, and reading books (especially spooky ones).


Holly's Younger Brother...No information yet.
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